General Information

From making a reservataion to returning a car

Making a reservation and confirming availability


Reservations can be made either on our website or by calling the Reservation Center.
Please have ready the following information when making a reservation.

  • Rental period and time
  • Name
  • Contact number (cell phone if applicable)
  • Class type
  • Optional Equipment (e.g. child seat, infant seat, booster seat, etc.)

Requirements for the day of rental

Please note that you cannot rent a car without an international driving permit. A copy of the permit is also not acceptable.

International Driving Permit


When arriving at the rental office, please identify your reservation name to a staff. All drivers are required to present his/her driver's license at this time. Also, SRM members and commercial customers are to present membership cards at this time.

After reception, there will be a brief explanation of basic precautions. Once you have confirmed the contract details, please make payment of the rental fee. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask a staff.

Free bus service

Runs between Naha Airport and Banyan Rental Office as well as Naha Airport Rental Office which seasonally opens from July through September. Continually runs very 5 to 15 minutes. The ride is approximately 7 to 8 minutes. Pickup location at the airport


In case your arrival will be delayed, please make sure to notify either the rental office or the Okinawa Reservation Center (098-850-0919) prior to your scheduled rental time. If we do not hear from you by 1 hour passed the scheduled time, your reservation may be cancelled in which case 50% of basic charge of the reserved class type or a maximum of ¥6,000 will be charged as cancellation fee.

Time of rental

Confirm the reserved vehicle together with a staff, and with your consent, rent starts. Please drive safely and enjoy your ride. If you have any questions on how to operate the vehicle, please feel free to ask a staff.

Time of returning the vehicle

Please fully refuel the vehicle at a gasoline station nearby the rental office prior to returning. Finally, confirm the vehicle together with a staff and rent is completed. In case of possible delays of returning, please notify the rental office you are returning the vehicle to or call the toll-free number 0120-15-0919. If you are late returning, please be very careful not to miss your flight. (We recommend returning about 1.5 to 2 hours prior to your flight).

Naha, Naha Airport, Banyan and Manza office each are equipped with a gas filling station so you may return the vehicle as it is and make payment for gas at the office. For other offices, if you return your vehicle without filling it, you will be charged based on predetermined mileage. Please note that in such cases the charges will be higher than those paid at the gasoline station.

Free Options
・Car Navigation
*Car Navigation is equipped functions.
・Digital Audio Player  ・ETC card reader ・No smoking Car
Extra Options
・Child seat, Baby seat, Junior seat
We will pick you up at the airport.

There is a free bus service between Naha Airport and the rental office.The ride is approximately 7 to 8 minutes.

Credit card