ETC card rental service notice

  1. Whole rental period on an ETC card manage an ETC card in customer's responsibility, please. You'll also pay a customer about a toll with a third person in whole rental period on an ETC card.
  2. I'll adjust a toll by the charge recorded in an IC chip on an ETC card (the charge shown to the charge indicator in a toll gate). We'll assume that the connection charge adjustment at the time of Street closed is unapplied by use on our card. Please accept it beforehand.
  3. When losing an ETC card or falling a victim to a theft, please contact a departure business office promptly. (As far as a customer has no intention or important error, I don't make it customer's burden about a used toll after the next day of the day when I received a contact of loss and theft in a departure business office.)
  4. When losing an ETC card, damaging theft and being transformed, you'll pay me 3000 yen as the card indemnity.
  5. When you can't lose an ETC card, damage theft, be transformed and issue use history details in a return business office, you'll pay me 10,000 yen as the money given to one in charge. When more and less occurred to the money given to one in charge in the time when a charge has come to Nippon Renta-Car Co. from a road enterpriser later, I'll require a special repayment.
  6. When a question about a driver of ETC card use entered at a road enterpriser, I'll sometimes make a contact to the customer who (is also included after the rental). The customer's personal information which are the names, the addresses and the phone numbers, etc. according to the demand from a road enterpriser is elucidated, so please accept it beforehand.
  7. When there is no return of a rental car though a borrowing period of a rental car has ended, a customer will send invalid notice on a rented ETC card to a road enterpriser. Please accept it beforehand.
  8. Nippon Renta-Car Co. doesn't shoulder everything's responsibility for a solution of fungi and compensation for damages which occurred by use of an ETC system. Please contact a road enterpriser directly.
  9. <to customer of NBM>Even when using it as NBM (the Corporation Association one of credit sale adjustment), you'll pay me a toll in a credit card or cash at the time of return, not a company charge.
April 1, 2015
Nippon Rent-A-Car service corporation
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・Car Navigation
*Car Navigation is equipped functions.
・Digital Audio Player  ・ETC card reader ・No smoking Car
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・Child seat, Baby seat, Junior seat
We will pick you up at the airport.

There is a free bus service between Naha Airport and the rental office.The ride is approximately 7 to 8 minutes.

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